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When the only way out.. [entries|friends|calendar]
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For those who joined or havent [26 Jan 2006|08:19pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I want you all to listen to the phone post. But also I want you to check out the new yahoo group that I have made. Make membership (request) and then see what happens. I will be putting up a question or a picture and you guys make a poem or a short story. This will help you out in your writing.. Basically more writing process.

You can contact the main mod @:

xxdeadmemoryxx@yahoo.com (personail account)


insane_fake_productions@yahoo.com (Community account)

The website for the group is:

Insane Fake Productions Yahoo Group!

If you have any questions,suggestions, or anything else. Please contact Kris @ im bleedin emus on AIM.

-Insane Fake Mod-

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